Summer Camp registration is open!! Check our calendar for upcoming events! With our ongoing enrollment, you can enroll in a class at any time, if a class is full, please add to a waitlist.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commitment for classes?

  • We offer a year-round program and our classes are continuous. This enrollment system gives you the flexibility to enroll anytime. Your child is automatically re-enrolled each month.

How do I sign up for classes?

  • The best way to view our current availability, sign up for a class, and add to any waitlists is to create an account with us! To create an account click “Enroll Today”. Once you fully fill out the registration page and create an account, you will be able to see our current availability. You must sign up online. Registration for classes that begin in September will open on August 1st at 9:00am.

What should my child wear?

  • We ask that your child wear something they feel comfortable moving around in to class. Whether that be a leotard, unitard, or athletic wear. Clothing should be free of zippers, buttons, and other decorations that can catch on equipment. Necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry should not be worn in the gym. Students will be barefoot on the gym floor. Hair that is longer than chin length is required to be tied back and pulled away from the face prior to class. 
  • Ninja Zone: All students involved in our Ninja Zone classes are required to purchase and wear their ninja uniform t-shirt to class. Shirts can be purchased online or through our Pro Shop.

What is the annual membership fee?

  • Our $70 annual membership fee is required for all students participating in our classes. This fee is valid for one (1) year. This fee is not required for those who sign up for camps, special events, or birthday parties. Members do receive a discount on camps, special events, and birthday parties.

Do you offer make ups for missed classes?

  • Advanced notice of missing your class is required in order to receive a make up. For ease of use, download our APP! “CORE Kids Academy” in your app store!


    Due to full enrollment in most programs, we are only able to offer make-up opportunities to our families by relying on you to let us know when you can’t make it to your regularly scheduled class. By giving your advanced notice of class absence, you are giving another family the option of borrowing your spot for that day to make up a missed class of their own. In return, you enjoy the same benefit! 

    How to give your Notice of missing class?
    1. Log into your parent portal,
    2.Select the student, 
    3.Click the “Schedule Absence” button  
    4.Follow the prompts!

    How to Schedule your make up?
    1. Log into your parent portal, 
    2.Select the student, 
    3.Click the “Schedule Absence” button  
    4.Follow the prompts!

How do I cancel?

  • If you would like to unenroll, you must let us know in writing (via email) no later than the 15th of the current month to avoid being charged for the following month. If we do not hear from you to drop by the 15th of the month, you will be committed for the following month. All our classes are continuous and enrollment will roll over each month. 
  • For example, email us by March 15th to unenroll at the end of March.
  • Please email us at to unenroll.

Am I able to cancel mid-month?

  • Since our tuition is charged monthly, we do not prorate for classes if you want to end classes mid-month. You will be required to pay for the full month and your student's last day of class will take place the last week of the month. 

Are there any cancellation fees?

  • We do not have any cancellation fees to unenroll from classes, although, if we do not hear from you to drop by the 15th of the month, you will be auto-committed for the following month-no exceptions. 

Why are monthly rates all the same, no matter how many classes are in a month?

  • To determine monthly tuition, we calculated the number of classes offered on a specific day for the year and set our monthly pricing based on an average of four classes per month (over the course of a year). Regardless of whether the class day you select has three, four, or five classes in any given month, the monthly tuition remains fixed. This pricing structure accounts for holidays and other predetermined gym closures, so make-ups are only needed for missed classes.

Do you offer any discounts?

  • We offer a multi-student discount of $5.00 & a multi-class discount of $5.00. Current members receive a discount on camps, special events, and birthday parties.

How do payments work?

  • For your convenience, we will automatically charge your card on the 25th of the month for the following month's tuition (i.e. March's tuition will be charged February 25th). As a result, we require a valid payment method on file. If you would like to change your payment method, please do so no later than the 24th through the Parent Portal. Any declined credit or debit cards will incur a $5 reprocessing fee.

When can I register for classes?

  • With our continuous enrollment program, we ask that you sign up for classes when you are ready to begin. There will be no future enrollments, with the exception of our fall enrollment which takes place in August each year. You may sign up starting August 1st and begin classes in September.

What if the class I want is full?

  • Please add yourself to the waitlist! Being on the waitlist is your best bet for getting in a class as it's the first thing we will refer to once a spot opens up. When that happens, we will contact the first person on the waitlist via email to see if they are still interested in enrolling in the class. If not, we simply move down the list! Either way, you'll never be charged without your permission.

May I switch classes after signing up?

  • Yes, you may switch your child into a different class providing there is availability. You may view the current availability through your Parent Portal. If you want to switch classes, you may sign up for the new class through your Parent Portal and email us letting us know you want to transfer.
  • Some reasons to switch classes are: If your schedule changes and you need to come on a different day or if your child has aged up into the next age range for classes. 
  • Our Intermediate, Advanced, Supernova, and Yellow/Green Ninja Zone classes are invitation-only.

What if I need to change the credit card that I have on file?

  • If you need to make any changes to your payment information, you can do so through your Parent Portal.

If my class falls on a holiday or a closure, can I schedule a makeup?

  • No, holidays are calculated into our yearly class calendar, so make-up classes are not permitted for these days.
  • The gym is closed for classes on the following days:

​Winter Break: December 23, 2023 -January 3, 2024

Spring Break: March 29-31, 2024

Memorial Day: May 27, 2024

Summer Break: July 1 - 7, 2024

Labor Day: September 2, 2024

Thanksgiving Break: November 27 - 30, 2024

Staff Training: August 29, 2024

What if there is inclement weather?

  • In the event of inclement weather, we will post on our Facebook page if we close for classes.

Why aren’t you doing sessions anymore?

  • For several years now, parents have asked for a way to pay for classes on a regular basis instead of re-registering every session. We are now offering a monthly auto-pay system to better serve our families. This enrollment system offers numerous advantages over our previous system: flexibility to enroll anytime; smaller monthly payments (replacing larger lump-sum session fees); your child's spot is automatically held in their class (no longer having to worry about forgetting to re-enroll!); and no-hassle automatic monthly billing.