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COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

CORE Kids Academy Reopening Policy & Procedures
In partnership with CDC guidelines and industry regulations, CORE Kids Academy will develop safety and sanitation measure regarding employer, employees, athletes and families.


Line Up
Outside the facility, floor markers space students and parents prior to entering the building. Face masks are required for adults, optional for kids. A CDC screening questionaire and temperature checks will be conducted at the door. 

Class Call
Staff members welcome students into the gym one at a time. The parent is allowed to stay and watch the class, but only from the outside and is asked to remain separate from other customers by at least six feet. We have also invested in SPOT TV, a live streaming camera system app, that lets you to live stream your child's class to your very own password protected app, allowing you to remain in your car or go back home, if you wish.

Mandatory Hand Sanitizing 
Each student will be prompted to use hand sanitizer prior to class.

Staff Work Habits
Staff will be required to wash hands before and after each class. Masks will be required. NO SPOTTING will be administered during an instructional lesson. Coaches are to assist students by verbal commands only.

Equipment Standards
Coaches are required to sanitize all contact surfaces before and after class. Cleaning stations will be established every 30 feet to ensure ample supplies are available and easy to access.

Gym managers will be respsonible for scheduling classes to accommodate the student to facility ratio. Classes shall be time-spaced appropriately to ensure that families can enter and leave the facility without overlapping. 

Facility Ratio
Gym owners will abide by the student to square-footage ratio at all times. 

Group Spacing
While attending class, students are required to stay at a 10 foot distant from one another at all times. Tape or Velcro floor markers will be provided for established distancing.

Foyer Maintenance
Office personnel is to sanitize all entry surfaces prior to and after class. Food and drink items will not be allowed in the facility. Use of the water fountain will not be permitted.

Staff members are to line up students at the exit of the building, utilizing the floor markers for space-distancing. Hand sanitizer will be distributed upon their departure and students will exit the building one at a time. The exit will not be the same as the entrance. 

Additional Precautions:

  • All staff members are to agree to adhere to a 24-hour wellness standard. Should they feel fatigued, or obtain a fever, within 24 hours of a shift, they are required to call out from the shift. Managers are to be notified immediately. 
  • Disinfectant and Virucide or an EPA registered cleaner is to be used on hard surfaces.Color-safe bleach will be used on soft surfaces.