Priority Session is all this week! Open registration will begin next Monday, September 30th! Celebrate your child's birthday with us--all the fun and no stress! Currently booking into December! Don't miss our October special events! Check our calendar to see our open gyms, clinics and Friday night events!


Make Up Classes: 

Each student is allowed one (1) make-up class per session, based on availability. Because most of our classes are at or near capacity, make-ups must be scheduled in advance and DO NOT roll over into the next session. If your child has missed a class and you would like to schedule a make-up, or if you know your child will miss an upcoming class, call us at (804)740-0079. 


Leotards are encouraged, but not required. Comfortable, cotton clothing (not too baggy) is also acceptable. Please refrain from sending your children to class in denim, dresses or skirts. It is also important that students remove dangling jewelry, along with shoes and socks, before heading out on the gym floor, as these items are a safety risk. Make sure hair that is shoulder-length or longer is pulled up and secure.

Looking for stylish leotards, unitards, or shorts? The CORE Kids Academy Pro Shop sells these items IN HOUSE! Stop by any time to see our selection. 

Bathroom Policy: 

Potty training is not required, particularly for our younger students. However, if your child is not yet potty trained or is in the process of being potty trained, please plan accordingly with pull-ups and/or have a change of clothes on hand (this is especially crucial for our camps, events, and longer length classes.) Even if your child is older, please encourage them to use the restroom before class begins. Frequent bathroom breaks interfere with class time, causing students to miss valuable instruction.